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Author: Well…Hello! I am the author of this site and I apologize for my lack of well…writing. I have been rather busy, but that is probably nonsense of an answer for you. I do have good news, in the next few weeks I plant to open this site up more. Meaning, write more, think more  and hopefully gain some readership.

I will being this post saying that I plan to revamp the layout of the site and eventually buy a domain name if all plans out well. blogging  is a a tough hobby I might say. Especially for a soon-to-be college student with rather developing conservative to moderate to liberal ideology. I plan to lay out much more of ideas I have, because I believe it is not ideology since it is developing, and changing to become a better understanding of the world.

I will return soon with much more.


The New Fresh Breath: The Thoughts of a Conservative, Young, Idealist

It has been quite some time. We changed a president. A year. A couple of months. And heck, we have changed a generation.

My thoughts are on the Presidency of Mr. Obama are of only gratitude. He may have crazy followers,  but then again Republicans bow down to the name of Reagan every time they get a chance. (sorry that was low blow.)

What can Americans to solve the problems we have facing us today? Well, we can only embrace what we have and that means an idealistic, democratic, President who believes in a different philosophy than most conservatives, but what is strikingly great about Mr. Obama is that he is willing to listen. And for that I can give him credit. I hope he does more good for this country compared the mess that last one left us.

Well, I can only say that I am back on the blogging world and I am going on strong. Therefore, tomorrow new posts coming up about Iowa House/Senate file bills you haven’t heard of from a young, conservative, Iowan. This shall be interesting.
“I go to school the youth to learn the future.” – Robert Frost

Why Republicans cannot win either way if we continue to talk about VALUES

Values are defined about something that involves a personal response along with a societal acceptance and desire. So why do Republicans seem to have the hold on the word values for the last 30 some odd years. It is because we said we had the correct values and people believed us. Unfortunately, the American people got smart and realized that Democrats had the same exact values as we did. Here’s the problem. When we talk about values we are not actually talking about values we are talking about what we view as a ethically moral. This brings me to my next point. No matter what the issue of “life” and same-sex marriage will never be resolved until society ultimately accepts either side. We are a nation divided, not perfectly divided, but divided on the positions of abortion and legalizing same-sex marriages. The Republican position has been one based upon their understanding the traditional values, but here is the problem. We isolate so many people that are fiscally conservative and want to limit government. We have an opportunity to tell the American people that each and every bailout that is coming from our Federal government is a bunch of bull. The American people know that our economy is in dire problems, but we also need to know that we are a capitalistic society and these things occur. We need to let them fix themselves with relative damages to many people. If we continue to fight about an issue that for the next 100 years will never be resolved no matter the solution in the next 100 years we will continue to look divisive and unwilling to present common sense compromises in government. I see it already. We are beginning to emphasize and realize the much of our government is actually to large and the power that it withholds is too much.

I plan to support our President-Elect once he is in office, because he is my President, but what I don’t plan on doing is allowing anyone to screw up our government once again as our fiscially-irresponsible, poor-planning Presiden George W. Bush. I will give him some credit we are still safe from Terrorists.

So where will all the Obama supporters go?

It has been reported that over 250 000 people have sent in applications to be apart of the Obama administration. Now that Obama is our next President, what do all the Obama supporters do?  Maybe work for the government. Nah, that may actually require work, but than again we are talking about the government – land of bogus opportunity.

Obama supporters.They have no office to phone bank. They have no register-to-vote propaganda sheets and they have no need to bring about idealistic change and hope. So what do these formally enthusiastic Obama supporters do – besides stomping on DC in mid-January. Well, they do nothing. They will go back to there lives of insanity and continue to harp on the fact that the last eight years of George W. Bush were so terrible.They will forget the days of phone banking for Obama a realize that they have to pay a mortgage, save for retirement, work a job, and live a life. Obama volunteering will be just a good feeling from the past – something they will never want to do again, because in reality why would even want to phone bank?

It is no secret that Democrats won this election, fair and square. But the voter turnout of the century never actually happened. It was higher than most years, but than again it was nothing too impressive that would signal a huge change in dynamic of this country. If Republicans would have came out in droves as they did in 2004, John McCain would have made this race a nail bitter. With this all said and done, what will the Obama supporters really do in the future? Most of them will have either finished college – have a job, family, and real responsibilities – or they will be too wrapped up to bring about six, four or two more years of change. Whatever Obama does from now on, he will never have the massive support that he has this past year. 2010 already looks good for Republicans in attempting to come back from insanity and the years following can only seem better in the party decides to become conservative again. The fact of the matter is that Obama will never, ever have the support that he once had in 2008. He will never be able to bring change again, because he is no longer change. Sure, there will be new enthusiastic Obama supporters, but nothing like the ones of 2008. Obama may even have it easier in 2012, but that does not mean he will have the massive volunteer support that he once had.

In final conclusion, in this illiterate post, Obama may bring have brought about change, but only the change that enthusiastic Democrats wanted. That is a fact. Democrats won this election, because they brought more and more people out. Now, I am not saying Republicans won’t have problems in the future,  but what I want to say is that Democrats better watch out, because once Republicans fine the light and become enthusiastic we will see hope and change again, but this time it is results and leadership.

So where will all the Obama supporters go? They will finally realize that leadership and results matter more than idealistic hope. Change the world? Nah…how about Results That Will Happen.

Do we want to turn the GOP back into the conservative party?

This man is adored by everyone for the dramatic improvements he did to New York City and the resilient leadership he showed on September 11, 2001. I am here by endorsing Rudy Giuliani for the Republican Party Chairman. He is the right man for the job for a number of reasons. First of all, he is a leader with some vision. Rudy Giualiani has showed time and time again that he can get things done no matter the circumstance. He has the executive experience along with the overall understanding of the Republican party. Now, many people would say that he would turn the Republican party into a party of liberals. Not true. Rudy is a tried and true conservative. Just ask George Will. Rudy Giuliani knows how to fundraiser and can adequately work to make this party a party of fiscal discipline, reasonable government and among other things a party of America. He is a well liked for the most part, other than the apparent liberal stance on the social issues, but what the heck. The Republican needs a leader and what better leader than to have a man who wrote Leadership. I know this is a crazy idea and more than likely won’t happened, but I can only hope that if this party wants to get on message again they will choose a leader.

Jim Nussle and Newt Gingrich are both great picks too.

Tired of Sick and Spin

This time four years ago…, this time eight years ago…, this time 28 years ago… Republicans were done by many points in many polls in many states. We were down. The media was saying were not suppose to win. The Democratic party nominee was looking better and better as the closing hours were coming. What happened. Well, the American people voted and let their voices be heard far and wide. I am not sure if this will happen again, but who I am I to know, because that is what they say before it happens.

Oh, by the way, Barack Obama’s facts on his issues right here: All laid out for you. Facts. Not rhetoric or savvy words, just the facts of what his proposals will do the budget, your pocket, this economy, the world’s economy, your job, our communities, the tax system, the people in this country, the ideas that innovate technology to the solve the problems. Yes, these is the facts. The facts that contradict Mr. Obama’s words that have enlightened thousands and thousands of unidentified donors to the Obama campaign.

Well, see you Wednesday.

Constitutional Economcis 101

I read this great line for the ESkeptic Blog titled The Welfare Queens of Wall Street and Michale Shermer (great libertarian writer) wrote this:

“A short lesson in economic civics: the primary job of government is to protect our private property from being plundered by foreign powers and domestic criminals (through the military and the police respectively), to resolve disputes over property (through the courts), and to protect our civil liberties (another form of property) by enforcing the Constitution and Bill of Rights (through legislation). The government does not produce property, so in order to pay for these services (military, police, courts, legislature) it taxes us. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a tax is “a compulsory contribution to the support of government”. A “compulsory contribution” is an oxymoron. It is compulsory confiscation, and we are all about to have $700 billion confiscated from us. For what? For protection from foreign plunder or domestic crimes against our property? No. For resolving property disputes? No. For defending our Constitutional rights and civil liberties. No. For covering the losses of corporations suffering from taking undue risks? Yes.”

Thanks Michael for the reminder on what our constitution actually says.