My Picks for Vice Presidents:Democratic

Here are my picks for the Vice-Presidential Nominee: Demoractic

1. Ted Strickland – Governor of Ohio

Extremely popular guy in the powerful state of Ohio which will help determine the next president of the United States. Has formally endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton, but that does not mean he could be Barack Obama’s VP.

2. Wesley Clark – Former US General

Is a popular Democrat and a former General during the Clinton Years. It could give Democrats more credibility when it came to defense and military policy in the general election.

3. Tom Vilsack – Former Governor of Iowa

He is a good mid-western voice and credible guy that would give any presidential nominee a hand-up in the United States.

4. Joe Biden – US Senator from Delaware

A credible guy in the US Senate with tons of foreign policy experience and knowledge.

5. Bill Richardson – Governor of New Mexico

A extremely experienced foreign policy guy with experience as a diplomat and a congressman. Good on domestic issues being a former Energy Secretary in Clinton’s Cabinet and now a governor. Could provide a good leverage in the Latino vote.

6. Mike Easley – Governor of North Carolina

In order for Democrats to win in 2008 they need a lot of help in the South. Having a Governor and popular one run as VP could help.

7. Jim Webb – US Senator from Virginia

A veteran and Freshman Senator provides a unique outlook on US foreign policy that could drive some votes.

8. Ben Nelson – US Senator from Nebraska

A popular US Senator from the Midwest. He has a 75% constituen approval rating that. A moderate-Democrat that could help win some votes in the south and Midwest that would otherwise vote Republican.

9. Jim Doyle – Governor of Wisconsin

A good record as a governor and could get some votes in the Midwest.

All these picks are numbered by the most likely. Obviously the actual VP nominee could not be on this list, but these are the most likely of them all. A Democrat must pick an experienced (in running a state, city or business), a Washington outsider, and Midwestern or Southern in order to win. These things necessarily do not apply to all, but with this combination is the most likely.


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