Barack Obama: Fairytale or Hope?

No one can discount the impact that Barack Obama has brought to the 2008 presidential election. He has made change the center focus to his campaign. First time voters have clobbered this man. In the Iowa Caucuses, 60% of caucus goers were at their first time caucus. He has brought what he calls Hope into his campaign. If you have had a chance to read his book, The Audacity of Hope, you can truly understand what he means.

In know way do I support Mr. Obama for president. I fundamentally disagree with him on policy. What I do not disagree with him on is his ability to inspire, bring together and reinvent the political process. Something about this man just makes people want to see a politics of the people. Barack Obama is right when he discusses that we need to end the politics of fear. 

I am not against Barack Obama and I believe he would make a interesting president. For some reason people flock to this guy from all parts of this country. Even parts of the world. Just tune into how crazy the German people are for Mr. Obama. He has the ability to do some interesting things. Some of those things that we have not seen since Ronald Reagan or even John Kennedy. And a few things we have not seen since Teddy Roosevelt.

Mr. Obama, I wish you the best!

Check out this new video:


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