Where is America?

A few months ago I was frustrated when someone called Hillary Clinton a “bitch” at a John McCain townhall meeting. Now, I am not supporter of Hillary Clinton. I will never be, but in America can we just respect the opponents even if they are incredibly ridiculous?

I only bring this up, because this morning at a townhall meeting in St. Louis, Missouri a Hillary Clinton questioner reffered to our US President, George W. Bush, as the “bastard.”

If they American people cannot get over the partisan divides and allow media to separate us into Blue and Red states, how do we expect our own officials to?

At both accounts I considered both actions unreasonable, disrespectful, immature and way-out-of-line. We cannot expect to have a more unified nation if we cannot come together on our common purposes while still bashing the other side. The current generation in power (the baby boomers) have left America in more DEBT, GREED, SELF-CENTERED ATTITUDES, AND IN A GREATER DIVIDE than ever before.

I just question WHERE IS AMERICA?


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