Super Tuesday Review and Analysis

Well, most of Super Duper Tuesday is over. The polls in the 24 Democratic and 22 Republican states have closed.

This night was not going to be too conclusive for the Democratic side. The full percentage of states have not come in so any conclusive evidence of delegate count cannot be determined. From the likes of it, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be within 100 delegates or so of each other. Some obvious surprises tonight have been Hillary Clinton wining Massachusetts.

The night for the Republicans have hinted a little more for some people. John McCain did what most expected. Wining most of the states that many polls and pundits thought he would. Romney’s night started off pretty bad, but rallied to win some western state caucuses. The surprise of the night is Huckabee’s ability to win Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri.  Those states were what many polls said Huckabee was not going to win.

A full update of California’s results along with delegate count will come early on in the morning.


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