Iowa Government?

I am sad to say that we have an incapable government here in the state of Iowa.

First of all, Chester Culver is our governor. This guy sleeps, eats, and walks the words TAX AND SPEND, TAX AND SPEND!

He plans in the next year to double the amount of spending over the amount of actual revenue. Spending is supposable to increase by 20% (but unfortunately Mr. Culvers statistics as of late have been hazily) and the revenue from NEW FEES and TAXES will only be 10% more.

I personally feel like screaming. If there is one thing you can do tonight or in the coming days is to pray for our Republican State Auditor Dave Vaudt. The man has a nightmare on his hands. Spending is getting out of control.

I beg you please, if you are an Iowan citizen please vote Republican for State House and State Senate this coming election. We need people that can show fiscal restraint. Students and teachers will get what they need. The state of Iowa will get what it needs. The 2006 elections on the federal level were taken out on the state and local level when nothing was truly wrong. We need some balanced government in this state so Chet Culver cannot continue to be Tax and Cash Culver.

In the coming weeks I am going to feature some Iowa House and Senate races for the 2008 election.


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