An Urge to Politicians

I am deeply concerned about the rate of politics today. More and more promises made by the government. More entitlement programs. The government bailing the American people out for every mistake they make. There is a huge problem in the rate of politics today. Everything is run on political gain and incumbency. Most Americans are not even aware that this so called economic stimulus package will do very little and provided a lot of consequences. It alone is going to give out nearly $150 billion dollars in tax rebates. Most people do not realize that this money is borrowed. From whom you ask? Well, from the people of tomorrow. Your kids. Your grandchildren. In other words, me and the people that I will live around in 20-50 years. That economic stimulus package will be set on compound interest.

For a math lesson:

Lets take $150,000,000 at a 2.5% interest rate for 20 years based upon compound continued interest.

150000000*e^(.025*20) = 247,308,190.60

For 30 years

150000000*e^(.025*30) = 317,550,002.50

From all of us youngsters, Thank you Federal Government!

A new study today came out saying that the older age population will double by 2050. With Medicare and Social Security in a hoax how will our seniors get “free” health care.

American government has granted too much entitlements and the sad thing is that Democrats want to give us more. More programs and more promises that government cannot fulfill. This is absolutely ridiculous. I am disgusted and shamed that we have allowed a 9 trillion dollar deficit rage on while companies all over the world have bought our debt and we will soon be in the strangle hold of the rest of the world. If you think the oil market is bad, just wait until we try to buy back our credit.

Much of what the politicians do not know is that the tax rebates may not even be spent. The world economy is different today than it was six years ago. We are becoming more and more global and odds are, the money that is spent from these tax credits will go overseas and do very little for the American people.

We are becoming a nation of more run away problems and false hopes. I just cannot imagine what kind of world my kids may live in.

Mr. Politician, vote with my future child in mind.

Read this Wall Street Journal Article


One response to “An Urge to Politicians

  1. From Kudlow: “This is disturbing news on the taxation front. The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore says Obama’s tax plan would add up to a 39.6 percent personal income tax, a 52.2 percent combined income and payroll tax, a 28 percent capital-gains tax, a 39.6 percent dividends tax, and a 55 percent estate tax. In other words, Sen. Obama is a very-high-tax candidate. Whether Wall Street has fully discounted this, I have no idea. Probably not yet. But somebody in the investor class ought to be thinking about it, because it’s not good.”

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