Alternate Theories to the Death of JFK

Today, in this lovely weather the state of Iowa has been having I had an opportunity to watch Oliver Stone’s 1991 film JFK.

It poses an alternate theory brought to life by a New Orleans DA named Jim Garrison.

Jim Garrison’s theory about the JFK assassination is based upon that most of it was a cover up by the CIA and the rest of the Federal Government. His theory is based on the fact that John F. Kennedy was not a war monger and wanted to change the style of politics that was the art of the day. He attempts to prove that most of the government insiders disliked JFK, because of this and therefore they wanted to end the life of JFK before he really changed the government against the establishment.

It is an interesting theory that is widely accepted. I would encourage anyone to see the movie, but necessarily do not take everything for its word. Many of the theories involving JFK’s death are very probable and I will not conclude one to be the right answer.



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