Iowa Senate District 18

Swati Dandekar (D) vs. Joe Childers (R) or Karla Sibert (R)- Senate District 18


This Senate seat is currently occupied by the Honorable State Senator Mary Lundby. Sen. Lundby has served this area for some time and has done it well. She has shown profound leadership and stuck to her principles. She will be missed tremendously, but she will be running for Linn County Supervisor and I wish her luck. The Linn County Supervisor district situation is a mess.

So why has Swati Dandekar been so successful in beating Republican Nick Wagner in the last three state house elections? For a number of reason. First of all, it should be known that House District 36 is a very Republican district. Nearly 60-75% of registered voters are registered Republican. Swait Dandekar has won, because people know her. They do not know here for being a Democrat. They know her for her good work as a volunteer for the extremely successful Linn-Mar Community School District booster club. They know her for her service to the school board. They know her for he two extremely intelligent and outgoing sons that both attended Linn-Mar High School and Stanford University. Swati has won time and time again, because House District 36 is a Linn-Mar district and people come out to support Swati. It should be known that during election season her sons do all of her election commercials. She never speaks. Why? People cannot understand her due to her Indian accent, but that is no problem. She is definitely a difficult candidate to beat.

Joe Childers is a new comer to politics. For some time he has supported Republicans as a business man. An honorable man that has been successful in the business world. He was going to run for Marion City Council, but unfortunately his friend and fellow Republican, Nick Glew, went at it first. Joe Childers has the brain and determination to win. His family and and him have done a great deed of service to the City of Marion and Linn County through their volunteering. From what I know, Joe knows a lot. He knows the issues and understands them. Running on basic Republican principles is going to get him elected. Senate District 18 covers House District 36 and 37. From his website it looks like he is organized and really wants to put forth Republican ideals. Reduce spending, set high standards for our kids and maintain our parks and trails.

Karla Sibert seems to take a different approach to this candidacy. She seems like she wants to do a lot of good and wants the best for the people of Iowa. She most definitely promotes her conservative credentials on the environment and looks to a progressive Republican for much of her approach to policy. She has a great undertaking in winning the nomination; I bid her the best of luck.

Do not get me wrong, Swati Dandekar is a fine lady and has done a good deed of service to the community of Marion and Cedar Rapids. She has given and provided good leadership and representation in the Iowa House.

May the best candidate win.

Swati Dandekar

Joe Childers

Karla Sibert

This post was updated for the addition of candidate, Karl Sibert.


2 responses to “Iowa Senate District 18

  1. Swati is a nice person but has a really bad habit of letting herself get talked into party line votes on issues she should really take a stand on. (Like Right to Work, Defense of Marriage, etc.) Bottom line is she either votes opposite of what she says she believes or she is being disingenuous about what she really believes. Either way, when the record and the rhetoric don’t match up, ya gotta let the voters know.

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