Iowa House District 37

Art Staed (D) vs. Renee Schulte (R)


This district covers a unique variety of income levels. Everything from hard working laborers to well off Rockwell engineers. This district race has been labeled as a highly contested one by the Republican Party of Iowa House/Senate delegation. I am sure that both sides will campaign hard.

This district was won in 2006 by Mr. Staed. Mr. Staed is school teacher at a local middle school; he has the credentials to be a voice for education in the Iowa House. From what I observe and know, Mr. Staed is somewhat of an illegitimate politician. He rarely speaks and when he does, he speaks about what he really only knows. Passing meaningless education bills in the House. Do not get me wrong though, Mr. Staed is well organized and is very in-tuned with his constituents. Those of who are union members of the Teachers Association and his fellow Democrats. To be honest, I know very little about Mr. Staed. He has a good enough record to be a State Representative, but I do not see much of a politician in him. He is just another hardliner Democrat that will pass the Democratic agenda. In many ways his photos on his website make him look like a phony. His website agenda and his voting record are two very, very different things. His website makes him seem like a moderate, but in reality he is just another pro-labor, higher tax, liberal Democrat in Des Moines.

Renee Schulte ran for Iowa State Senate against Senator Hogg in 2006. The race in my opinion would have been much closer, but the Republicans had a bad taste for a majority of voters that election cycle. One of the problems that ultimately hurt Mrs. Schulte in 2006 was her mis-understanding of information. She had a good thing going when she was put the initiative to really get Highway 100 extended and she claimed that a Democrats (a person who had supported and given money to the Dems. for some time) wildlife pond was in the way. She concluded that this prevented Mr. Hogg from supporting the initiative. Unfortunately, Mrs. Schulte loss this one. When Mr. Hogg was able to counter with a good response for some environmental and ecological reason and Mrs. Schulte loss a large number of voters. All in all though, Mr. Hogg did support the initiative to extend Highway 100. For those who do not know, Highway 100 is a highway in NW Cedar Rapids that has been promised to be extended for decades, but excuse after excuse has stopped it form becoming a reality. Mrs. Schulte though is a very promising legislature. She at one point supported (and I think she still does) stem-cell research. She has spent her entire life working with foster kids and the mental/physical health of kids. She from what I understand is a professor now at a Cedar Rapids college, Mount Mercy. She in many ways is a moderate on issues, but will provide a strong conservative vote in the House.

This race shall be interesting. It is going to be one to watch if the Republicans are going to take back the House. This has been labeled by Republican Party insiders as one of twelve seats that are going to challenge with great aggressiveness.

Good luck to each candidate.

Art Staed

Renee Schulte (Currently no website, but I am sure one will be up and running soon)


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