Obama Cult? Can it be true?

So after another day of snow and ice I spend the evening listening to the voices of Sean Hannity and Anderson Cooper. It was not that the Wisconsin and Washington Primary results were so interesting (Hawaii results will not be in for another hour or so), but I really had nothing to do.

So I continue to hear things about this Obama cult and how it is turning away voters. Democratic, Republican, and Independent alike. I am starting to get a bad taste about this all too. People crying, putting all hope and fainting when the see Obama just, because a man’s rheteric is to offer change.

I do not deny the positive affects of the Obama campaign and the whole movement of ‘change.’ But what I do deny is what it means for America. It does not mean unity. It divides more and more people, because a vast majority are turned away from the Messiah effect Mr. Obama has to voters. Voters really do not want a person that displays prophecy without the meat. So far I have not seen Mr. Obama’s meat. His gridiron. I am just not convince he can fight the battle. He did not do it in the Illinois Senate. Choosing to vote ‘present’ on key bills and not really taking up major bills in the US Senate.

For example, Kennedy was a man for inspiration, but that did not hold him back from being in the US House and Senate before becoming president. Kennedy put forth tough things. Reagan was a man of principles and values that were implemented along with his charisma. Reagan was thing as governor of California and as a conservative activist in the 1960’s. Obama has one half, but not the other and that it why I am concerned about this cult. This cult believes, but has not seen No facts to back up Obama’s. That is why he has no meat.

This cult in my view is going to drive people to believe in false hope and false knowledge that Obama can change everything. To be straight with you, Obama is going to raise your taxes, implement new programs and increase the size of government. He is going to create dependency. The problem with all this and his cult movement is that people are believing in something false. Last time I checked Obama will still have to work with hundreds of thousands of bureacrats, 435 Representatives, 100 Senators and thousands of lobbysits. How is this man going to be able to hold onto his cult movement when he actually has to sit down to do the work and the fight. He may not get  what all he wants. It is going to be a lonely battle.

The results of all this is going to bring less than satisfying results. This cult movement is going to hurt America, because we believed in something that was not there.

As much it hurts to say it, politics is not about who gives the best inspiration, but who can provide the best results.

Obama cult, do not be disappointed.  I for one will not.


2 responses to “Obama Cult? Can it be true?

  1. Maybe it is a cult. Hell, Im voting for him! “Juan” McCain is just completely pathetic. I wouldve voted for Huckabee, but it doesnt look like he’ll make it

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    The more the better.

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