Is America asking and getting change?

My thoughts on the presidential election are sort of dim. Currently, I do not like any of the candidates, even Ralph Nader. For starters the canidates right now do not show a grand vision or optimistic approach to our future. Even for John McCain, I do not think he fully understands the implications of fighting Islamic Terrorists. For Hillary and Barack, it is my belief that they think they can regulate, increase taxes and give us “free” health care and everything will be all find and dandy.

In the first place, if America really was asking for true change in the direction of our county why are we promoting a Senator? Why is America supporting more Washington politicians to the job of the presidency? Why are we (technically) promoting someone with a lower approval rating than our current president? I know this is a cheap shot, but in many ways this thought is true.

If America wanted fundamental change with real solutions they would have voted in someone else into the spotlight. That is why I really do not think any of the candidates are for change and America wants change. America once again has been starstruck by rhetoric and other flashy political moves to vote in another lame duck. (I am not attacking Barack Obama, in many ways Barack Obama is the most likely of the three to prove me wrong here.)

I do not see true drastic change that can benefit America and I do not think America wants drastic change. They just want someone else, no matter who it may be.

Right now, I am not excited about a candidate and I do not think I will ever be.


2 responses to “Is America asking and getting change?

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  2. I like Obama, I usually vote Republican but they’ve just been so off base as of late.
    Maybe the democrats are better, Im willing to give them a chance

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