County Convention

As many other Iowa Republicans did today, they went to their county convention. I went to mine, Linn County.

It was an interesting process and learning experience. I would say that roughly 600-700 people were at the event, during the peak.

In going through what was discussed in the six to eight hours that I was there, I would have to say that his Republican Party is moving in a direction that is not inline with conservative, core values that I was knew. I am fairly young, but I have done my research and read many things about what it means to be a Republican, but I do not see the core conservative values of competence and understanding. I know we should have values and stick to those values, but what I have found is that much of the elites in the party are dominating the discussion of ignorance. They care too much about the issues that they have no (I mean no) room to compromise.

What has happened to he understanding that we would rather have 75% of what we want, than 0%. It is just my opinion that the Republican Party is going find its rooms a little more empty and and more exclusive than ever before if we continue to embrace the politics of right-wing Nazis.

Let me just ask, where is the Goldwater Republicans? The Eisenhower Republicans? Even Reagan Republicans? They are leaving and moving to the independents, because people like the baptist pastors are more important to us than Henry Kissenger’s and Robert MacNamera’s.

I still love this party, but we have moved to the minority in this country and we are putting party before country. If we continue to do that, we will be in the minority for another 50 years.


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