Disenfranchised Government

Today is a sad day in American politics. Unfortunately, I do not think it is the lowest. Currently our government (Legislative, Executive) are at low approval ratings. We continue hear the same ideas that things will continue to be promised. I hear it from local offices to Senate buildings. With nearly 230 days until election day I asked anyone who reads this blog to vote for those who are going to provide America with results. Positive results that are true, but it does not stop at the voting booth. We as American citizens must hold these people accountable.

Running deficits, consistent gridlock and old fights being played is not America. That is child play. We must remember that as Americans we are the protectors of freedom and the choosers of liberty. If we want to hold these things in our government (freedom and liberty) we must band to together to hold red-taped, heavily bureaucratic government accountable for the actions and policies it places on people.

It is my firm belief that in 25 years we will have a new political party that will have dominance in American politics. I do not know where it will come from or what beliefs it will have, but I do know that Americans are more than hungry for change they are hungry for honest result-driven government. The kind of government that plans for 20 years and builds a foundation for the next 10 years.

Share your ideas on who America can be fundamentally changed.


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