The Uncommon Blog’s Philosophy

For some time now I have consistently written on this blog, but for some reason I did not explain the reasoning behind why I call this The Uncommon Blog.

The Uncommon Blog is sort or a mockery or sarcastic rendering of how American society has fallen. We accept minimal effort with mediocre results for a society that hands out trophy’s to the losers.

I am not talking about just the football games and the piano competitions, I am also talking about our government, our education system and our fundamental way of life. I am not saying that all Americans are like this, but for some reason I have a strong feeling that our education system is fine with kids taking minimal amounts of classes to get minimal grades in order to get into a mediocre college just to get a cubicle job and work nine AM to five PM and worry more about the television schedule than the future of our world. We never learn culture and how to preserve it anymore. I dislike that lack of awareness people show and negativity people have for the world. I hate the attitude that nothing is ever good enough for us. If you look back at how society has grown, it has been a remarkable world since the inventions of the wheel. We are a wonderful society, but we must move on the track of growth and imagination. We should never accept fine in our economy, our education or in our world.

In a way, this blog is sarcastically supporting the mediocrity and accepted failures in our society. We have to a point (at least in America) where we accept finished work and standardized standards that are below par. We no longer have the willingness to provide the actual answers and knowledge to expand this world.

My goal in life as a young person is to preach above and beyond effort, with star reaching goals.

I will continue to make fun of the subsidized standards and love losing attitude that continues to invest in our kids education, life and future.

Thank you for reading this blog. Suggestions?


One response to “The Uncommon Blog’s Philosophy

  1. Sounds like I’m considerable older than you but it seems we have a similar aim, that is to restore society. I intend putting a few pointers in my own blog at amos2008.
    Best wishes with your blog. We need more bloggers like you.

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