Linn County Supervisor’s

Last summer (July) the county of Linn decided to move forward and elect their supervisors, which were expanding to five, be voted in by districts. This plan was called Plan 3 or Option 3. After districting and putting the supervisor elections to a test the election season for these five seats will now begin.

Some great news about this whole thing is that five seats will have five Republicans running for them. The current Democratic leadership (meaning they hold three of three and the auditors seat) wants to pay supervisors $70,000 for part-time work. Many people, Democrat and Republican, are in outraged and are fed up with current style leadership of corruption. The bright side of this is that, come next January when there is a Republican majority I know the salaries will go parallel to the part-time work that theses supervisors will do.

As I mentioned before there are five seats and five Republicans will be running. As you can see in the map below all districts have some part of Cedar Rapids and other part of the county, except for an all Cedar Rapids district (District 1 – Pink). From what I know, the Republicans will try to win four of the five at least. They will have the best chance on winning one of those seats in the Marion and rural area district (District 4 – Green). That district will have the Honorable State Senator Mary Lundby (R) running in that district Right now, according to the Auditor’s office, two Democrats will be running in the district, Richard Heeren (D) and Don Gray (D). The other district that Republicans will be most likely get will be the west district (District 5 – Blue). The mastermind behind the Plan 3 saga, Dave Machacek (R), will be running for that seat. In the second district (District 2 – Gold), a man by the name of John Erceg (R) will be running against Kevin Lynch (D). Another person I am not aware but according tot he Auditors office they are running is a man named Jesse Arenas II (R) who will be runing in District 3 (Yellow) .From what I know, Republican Eric Rosenthal will be running and I am assuming he will be running District 2 – Gold, the same district as Arenas.


I think this is going to be an exciting election that will give Republicans the ability to take hold of the budget and county practices that have been too corrupt for way too long.

Brief Run Down in the Campaigns:

District 1 – Pink —– ?? (R) vs. Lu Barron (D) or someone else (D)

District 2 – Gold —- John Erceg (R) vs. Kenin Lynch (D)

District 3 – Yellow — Eric Rosenthal (R) or Jesse Arenas II (R) vs. Ben Rogers (D)

District 4 – Green — Mary Lundby (R) vs. Don Gray (D) or Richard Heeren (D)

District 5 – Blue —- Dave Machacek (R) vs. Lind Langston (D)

Please let me know of any other candidates. I will try to update this post as more file with the Linn County Auditors office.

Note: This article was updated.


3 responses to “Linn County Supervisor’s

  1. Man… not so sure about the Republicans being the majority of anything this year. If you haven’t noticed the Republican party needs to reinvent itself, tired old ideas simply don’t work anymore. For instance look at your “about the author” section man these are the republican talking points for last 8 years.

  2. theuncommonblog

    I would politely disagree.

    The last eight years have been the policy of ignorance on not acknowledging global warming and not actually doing anything about it. The last eight years have been fear mongering and war mongering policies that have taken us into preemptive wars. The last eight years have been filled with economic policy from the garbage. The last eight years have been failed budgets, failed education policies and most of all failed health care policies. If you think the “About the Author” section is talking points for the last eight years you must be living in a different country than I am.

    I believe in actually balancing the budget, not increasing the deficit. I believe in getting rid of the Department of Education, not increasing it with failed policies like “No Child Left Behind.” I believe in sound monetary policy that does not include worthless stimulus checks. I believe in greater market driven health care, something the eight years not brought. I believe in a renewed concept of federalism. I believe in the concept of not policing the world. Something that needs to end and most certainly has not changed in the last eight year by far. I believe in great savings put forth by our government something that has not happended in the last eight years.

    I am not going apologize for my beliefs. I would certainly like to state that these are not the policies of the last eight years.

  3. Interesting story, didn’t thought reading this was going to be so awesome when I looked at the url!

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