Statewide Curriculum

A week or so ago I meant to write a post about his, but just never got around to doing so.

The statewide curriculum that a State Rep. from the Waterloo area proposed is a completely rediculous idea. I am for local education that can best decided on what is best for the kids, in terms of curriculum and how it all goes together. From what I know, many (and I mean many) if not all teachers at the elementary level that I have talked to are absolutely furious about this idea. The curriculum that they use to help kids that fall behind or have a tough time learning from the curriculum that the school selects would be outlawed and not be used. The idea behind the whole statewide curriculum is absolutely rediculous.

The whole reason for this coming up on the state leiglature in the first place is to make sure that schools in Iowa are providing the education that they are obligated to give, but ask yourself, do you think there is a district or school in the state of Iowa that is not providing curriculum for their students? Do you think they would rather have some state education bureacrat decide what they should teach in terms of books and activities? Maybe it is just me, but education is based upon what the parents and teachers know best to provide so that the child can get the best education. A state wide education bureacracy is not going to improve anything.

I am completely against No Child Left Behind. I hate the bill. What it tries to accomplish is what states need to set and what states should oversee. Education in America has always been known for supremecy and making a one-size-fits-all sort of approach to education is going to leave children behind.


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