Passport Breach

Yesterday it was discovered that Senator Obama’s passport was breached. Today we discovered Senator Clinton and Senator McCain’s passports had been breached too.

This raised questions and attacks from both Democratic candidates. This comes to show that they will do anything to attack the Bush Administration even if they had nothing to do with a low level officials irresponsible actions.

It must be known that none of these actions are as bad as what Clinton did in the 1990’s when he and his administration looked through over 400 Republicans FBI files. At least for Clinton, it must be known that before she goes and attacks an administration she must know what her husband administration did.

Another thing, she said in June at a debate that her administration would be the most ethical and have no scandals. Yah, right! Just like her husband didn’t have sex with Monica Lewinsky.

Just to refresh yourself on that Clinton Administration action in the 1990’s:

FindArticles – Filegate demands answers, not excuses – White House accessing FBI files on Republicans is under investigation by Rep. Bill Clinger and his House government oversight committee – Column
Insight on the News, July 15, 1996, by Michael Nitchell


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