I DO NOT UNDERSTAND: 6 Percent Salex Tax Approved

The bill the Gov. Culver is about to sign into law is ridiclous. Why in the world is our own state legislature passing a bill that is hurting the people of Iowa. The original point of the SILO tax was to fund infrastructure for schools in counties that approved the SILO tax. About a year ago, Johnson and Linn county approved the SILO measure.

Even though Johnson and Linn county voters were going to see tax relief, the problem now is that the SILO tax is becoming a across the board tax for the entire state.

It makes no sense that for a measure to fund INFRASTRUCTURE has now been turned into more pile of money for students. Do not get me wrong, I am a student at a local high school and I understand this situation. Schools need money for funding, but what the people of all counties voted in for was for a temporary tax on infrastructure. The key was temporary and infrastructure. People did NOT vote for more money thrown at teachers or more money for curriculum. At a time when the state legislature is making measures to make education worse in Iowa they continue to just throw money at school districts. It is widely known that local control and restricted money provides for GREAT education. Money just does not need to be thrown out of the window and be used “for good use.”

The problem I have with this entire bill is that House File 2663 goes against the tax payers and what they voted for. State Senator Mike Conolly said, “I think it’s a deal made in heaven.” (Source: Cedar Rapids Gazette). Deal made in heaven? For who? When is government going to stop taking advanatage of tax payers and start focusing on the people who pay the taxes. This measure goes beyond all rights given to state legislatures.

Why not government that is limited and free.


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