Lee Harder Opens Fire on Miller-Meeks

From Lee Harder’s website ( http://www.harder4congress.com/)

Straight Talk

If Peter Teahen is nominated to the Republican nomination I will support him in the Fall against Dave Loebsack.

I have considered dropping out of the race and supporting Peter, but I cannot do this.

It is apparent that one of the reasons Peter Teahen was a Democrat until December 13, 2007 is that his personal friend Mike Blouin, ran for Governor and Peter supported him both with a small financial donation and also with his vote in the Primary.

I met Mike Blouin for the first time when I was in sixth grade. Both he and Tom Tauke were State Representative and came to my school. Both sounded quiet conservative.

Mike Blouin publicly espoused a pro-life position and my Father a life-long Democrat supported him and the Democratic Party, until the 1978 general election.

My Father did not support Mike Blouin in 1978 because Mike’s talk didn’t match his walk. Mike Blouin had the most Liberal voting record in Congress.

I like Peter, I hope he doesn’t vote like Mike Blouin if elected, but I can’t trust our future to that.

I certainly cannot trust our future to Dr. Miller-Meeks. If she wins the Republican nomination I cannot endorse her, although I may vote for her.

Thirty years of someone, who it is obvious to me is more liberal than Jim Leach, but without Jim Leach’s straight talk would be worse than a few years of Dave Loebsack.

With my Conservative stand, my opponents have both moved to the right in their rhetoric.

Dr. Miller-Meeks is clearly pro-choice and I am sure she will come out strongly Pro-choice in the general election if nominated. She has said in my presence that her definition of Pro-Life matches the statement that has been on her web-site till this day, under the beliefs section: “Abortion should be the least used form of Birth Control”.

When asked Ms. Miller-Meeks said her definition of being Pro-Life is reducing the number of abortions by sex education that is not primarily abstinence based. This position is very close to the view of the Clintons.

On Foreign Policy she has advocated for the withdrawal of all U.S. Troops from South Korea.

This is not Conservative. Withdrawal of our troops could lead to the North Korea’s invading South Korea again and even to a Nuclear War, with attacks on the American homeland.

While espousing her moderation as the reason she should be elected, since hiring a Fair Tax supporting campaign manager, she has moved to the Right of economic issues.

But how Conservative can she be when she has her name on every pen, candy and give away that could buy a vote, and still according to FEC records has only spent $218 on her election.

With that record she will fit well with all that is sick with Congress and will take the lead in hiding wasteful spending and corruption.

In the Tradition of the Straight Talk Express.

Lee Harder

I am not sure what Mrs. Miller-Meeks thinks of this, but these is no kind words for the 2nd congressional Republcian candidates. The race is heating up.


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