Is Ron Paul the Goldwater of Today?

I was and I am still not a supporter of Ron Paul. Personally he has said some wonderful things, but I am a little too moderate for his liking. I am not going to take my time here to bash Ron Paul, but what I am going to do is put forth some correlations between him and Mr. Barry Goldwater.

Some time ago, I read that Ron Paul is now the 21st Century’s Barry Goldwater. This may in fact be true. Both guys at the time of their attempt for the presidency were very radical in their thinking. Both very conservative on many issues and stirred up plenty of attention. I should probable stop talking about Ron Paul in the past tense since most Ron Paul supporters are believing he can still win the nomination. Ron Paul continues to say that he is the conservative faction that can turn this country back to where the Founding Fathers formed it. Mr. Goldwater said something of the same nature during his time. Both guys now and in the past were able to attract vast amounts of people to support their candidacy primarily, because their independence struck a cord with many people. Both guys radicals in their own liking.

This now then makes me draw a conclusion. If you have ever seen the documentary Mr. Conservative it discusses that Mr. Goldwater did not loose in becoming president in 1964, but that it took 16 years to win it. Much of course, contributing to the conservative movement that Mr. Goldwater started in the early 1960’s that took almost 16-20 years to put a conservative into the White House; his name being Mr. Reagan. Is then Ron Paul, Mr. Goldwater of the 2008? In 2024 will we have a person from the conservative wing of the political spectrum contribute much of the campaigns success to Mr. Ron Paul? I really do not know.

Much of the Republican Party is made up of new conservatives that came after Mr. Reagan or during Mr. Reagan’s presidency to the Republican Party. It may be easy to assume that a new conservative party could rise in 16 years to give Ron Paul a victory in the While House. It is still entirely possible that it could be the other way around. The Republicans could put forth and rejuvenate the conservative movement.

Although there is now cool chemistry acronym to write out Ron Paul’s name like Goldwaters, AuH2O, I think Ron Paul’s movement could do some good for America. I think Ron Paul is wrong on a number of things, but also RIGHT on a number of things. (Do not forget the pun.)


2 responses to “Is Ron Paul the Goldwater of Today?

  1. The only problem with assuming Goldwater won 16 years later is that Reagan wasn’t very Reagan when he was president. Reagan was elected on a goldwater platform, but it was quickly hi-jacked after IMO.

    Take a look at Reagan’s speech from the 60’s, his platform before taking office and what he did after office, and it’s not the same. Why is an even bigger mystery, although there are few things.

    In the 80 election, Reagan was up against GHB. Reagan said he would never have Bush as the VP. Suddenly without warning, the head of the CIA(Bush) is announced to be his running mate and VP. 1 month after taking office, there was the assisnation attempt(which would have made Bush president, as he had wanted) and after that, Reagan was no longer Reagan. He abandoned many things such as sound money, spending etc and became a big spending republican. A Rockefeller republican, neo-con or whatever you wish to call it.

    So Reagan in the end didn’t become the goldwater winner. Up until his first month in office he was, after that it was it. I believe he did the best he could under the circumstances, but the results weren’t very Goldwater at all.

    Either way, this country has been hijacked for decades and it’s not going to be an easy thing to get rid of, as public opinion is constantly manipulated by the media. We have people who focus merely on D vs R, us vs them, left vs right etc. And what most people fail to realize is that you might as well be arguing over Yankees and Red Sox, because in the end, they are all playing the same game.

    -Proud supporter of the U.S constitution and proud to have Ron Paul representing me.

  2. theuncommonblog

    Well said. You make a very clear point in that I do recognize that Reagan in the 1980’s was not a Goldwater policy maker at all.

    Though Reagan has been the only thing closest to Goldwater.

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