Second District Congressional Republican Candidates



By now the three Republican candidates who are running to defeat Loebsack have some major problems. First of all, Lee Hader who is a long shot has taken some jabs at Miller-Meeks’ moderate views on some things.

Secondly, Peter Teahen is questioned to why he is running. Rumor has it that he is a Democrat and has been for some time, but just wants power. Hmmmmmm……sounds familiar. Oh….that’s right he is like many politicians. Apparently Peter Teahen has supported congressional, mayoral, gubernatorial Democratic candidates in the passed. No problem with that, except for the fact that he is running as a REPUBLICAN. From what I know he has supported them for individual and personal reasons, but how far does that go until he becomes an actual Democrat. If he is going to support others and completely go against his beliefs on a lot of things this puts into question what he will do in Congress.

Right now it seems that Mariannette Miller-Meeks is the clear choice for the GOP nomination, but the only problem is that Peter Teahen is running a name recognition machine that Meeks just does not have, but she is getting it fast. I guess you can tell I do not like fake politicians. If you have any explanation for Peter Teahen’s behavior please tell.

Well, the next 20 days shall be interesting.


2 responses to “Second District Congressional Republican Candidates

  1. It turns out that it isn’t just Peter Teahen that just became a Republican. Dr. Miller-Meeks became a Republican on October 22, 2007. She told the Editors at the Press Citizen that she had shopped around before choosing her party. I have been a life-long Republican and campaigned for Barry Goldwater at the age of four. I am the only candidate that has worked on a broad range of issue in Washington D.C.

    Maybe I am a long shot, but America likes underdogs and perhaps the Republican Party
    in Iowa will show for a second time in one year that money isn’t everything. Wouldn’t that be refreshing. Power is something that the people have if they will take it. Jim Leach was a life long Republican, and no one ever challenged him to a primary. Republican have a choice this time and I hope they don’t out of the frying pan and into the fire. Jim Leach may have lost because some Republicans stayed home, I worked hard every Federal Election Cycle taking time off work and I also gave a gift of $500 to the Henry County Republican Committee. I am a medium income Iowan, Peter Teahen and Marienette Miller Meeks are from the more wealthy segment of the Iowa population. I can better Represent the average Iowan.

    Lee Harder

  2. Lee:

    I have heard Dr. Miller-Meeks speak several times. She never indicated she “shopped around” for a party. She has indicated that prior to running for Congress as a REPUBLICAN, she was a registered No-Party voter. She did this for two reasons: as a career military officer, her partisanship didn’t matter. As a doctor, she never wanted her political stripes to get in the way of her relationships with her patients.

    We all appreciate your long service to the party, apparently starting at age 4. What we’re all getting sick of is your negative attacks on every other candidate in the race. And making up stories and lying about them only makes you look foolish and bitter.

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