Miller-Meeks For Congress Airs First Ads

Mariannette Miller-Meeks is airing her first advertisements on her website and in the second congressional district counties television market.


3 responses to “Miller-Meeks For Congress Airs First Ads

  1. Very nice ad. Looks a lot more professional than Mr. Teahen’s ad that looks like it was slapped together quickly.

    Dr. Miller-Meeks is an impressive lady…She’s definately give Loebsack a run for his money in the fall.

  2. MillerMeeks doesn’t stand a chance against Loebsack period,and we need him out of there. It is discusting to see Meeks dirty campaig tactics being used so regularly. The Democrats are going after Teahen because they know he is their threat, and he will show no violation to these false allegations. But let’s look at the Meeks campaign, Trudy Caviness, chair for the Wapello county REPUBLICAN party openly supports meeks at their central committee meetings then goes on to condem Teahen as being a Democrat now switching to the republican party to run and making donations to the Democratic party. In respect I checked Peters side to the story to get both sides and as commonly done Meeks and Caviness are not telling the complete story. Then to find that Meek openly admitted to being an independent and looking into the Green party,Libaterian Party,Deocratic Party and the Republican party before registering Republican and run for Congress. Also stating all the parties had something good to offer and to donating to all of them. Trudy’s speach on caucus night to get involved in the party by working in support. So I find it hard to prove you are loyal and love your party if your minimal attedance is to solicit your candicy. In less than 6 months as being republican I can say I have done more work for the love of my Republican party than
    Miller-Meeks, and I’m not soliciting your vote. Yet Trudy makes Meeks out as a Republican Hero.
    and the tactics to disrupt a Peter Teahen meet and greet by Meeks son and a older lady woman identifying herself as being interested in politics from Seattle Washington. I’ll assure you Meeks is showing the pressure when it comes to competition and the agony of defeat. Peter Teahen is the only Republican running that can beat Loebsack and the only one the Democrats are worried about. If one can’t run a clean campaign and has to stoop to dirty politics then it’s a strong indication they lack the positive achievements to bring out for their campaign. I’m glad I have proof I’m a dedicated working Republican, not a registered User Republican because in my book, Users are Losers.
    Rod Stevens

  3. maybe her chair Todd Versteeg can relate to his professional ethical quality’s after getting caught, so covertly tape recording conversations from the media and Meeks opposition without their prior conscent, while at an IC media interview,Toad was using a hidden audio recording system after Meeks made her request to permit Versteeg sit in. Ironic Democratic play until caught.The change we need to go after loebsack needs to be based on supporting Meeks for more than her gender. We need leadership in congress that can beat Loebsack not just give him a run for his money. Frankly if it come down to a Meeks Loebsack race, I will abstain unable to choose the lesser of the evils, and campaign that way. You say, I wouldn’t be a loyal Republican??? ‘When political candidate and morality contadict each other the citizen has an alternative of either losing his or her sense of morality or loosing his or her respect for the candidate.’ I haven’t seen loyalty from her yet other than for self-gratification and the doctors backing her for their future gradifications.

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