Miller-Meeks Airs Second Ad

A few days after I discussed Mariannette Miller-Meeks’ first television ad she airs another one. This time it has a much more personal story. Check it out.

I have not been very impressed with the Teahen Campaign and using their website. Much of it has not been updated with new information since it was launched and generally it takes a day, two days or more to update articles pertaining to Teahen. Kudos to the Miller-Meeks campaign for great use of their web space.


2 responses to “Miller-Meeks Airs Second Ad

  1. Wow. What a story.

  2. I’ve seen all three candidates many times this spring…

    Miller Meeks = winner
    Teahen = boring
    Harder = desperate liar

    Miller-Meeks for Congress!

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