Peter Teahen Has Been Accused of an Election Violation

Peter Teahen who is running for the Republican nomination to challenge Rep. Dave Loebsack in the fall has been accused of a FEC violation in one of his campaign commercials. Mr. Teahen is already on rocky soil with party Republicans, because of his support for past Democrats and his registration with the Democratic party may have blown his shot at the Republican nomination.

Read the Des Moines Register Article

Apparently, Teahen violated an FEC law that does not allow him to have support from his corporation, Teahen Funeral Homes, Inc.

Read the article for more detailed information.

So far opponents in the Republican congressional race, Dr. Miller-Meeks or Mr. Harder have not spoken publicly to the The Uncommon Blog Iowa’s knowledge about this alleged violation. In the coming days we will know what will truly be made of this, but something like this coming out just two weeks from the June 3 primary may not be a good thing for Peter Teahen.


3 responses to “Peter Teahen Has Been Accused of an Election Violation

  1. I can not believe Teahen’s response. He’s “flattered?” What kind of response is that? When leveled with a serious charge, he laughs it off?

    How on Earth do we think we can ever retake this seat in the general with a candidate who can’t raise money, has no coherent message, and is now under an ethical charge?

  2. Allegations & rumors about peter teahen seem to surface beyond belief’s attended various Republican candidate functions in attendence in which the three Congressional candidates were present. I also Trudy Caviness the Wapello county chair person is supporting you as being the most qualified. I’ve also heard her disqualify Teahen because he switched from the Democratic party to run for Congress as a Republican. From the meetings I’ve heard all of you speak. It was easy to make my voting decision with you helping me to reach this conclusion. Trudy, you and the others spreading the partial facts in the typical dirt campaign, then for you to so blaitently breach the rules at the 2nd district convention, written and passed weeks before convention in which you did not complete the entire agenda, and requesting the entire scheduled agenda for all of the cadidate be cancelled. When the day of convention you objected to the agenda because you stated to have another commitment. Only to spend alot of your time sitting at your campaign booth. You should have never been allowed to partially participate in the forum. It seem you feel priveledged treatment to comply to rules. That by the way were also approved at our rules meeting by your chair Todd Versteeg, the same person who rented the building for the district convention until 5:00 admitting their premedatated intent to shut down the convention to prevent the completion of the agenda in some type of retaliation against, I quote, Ron Paul supporters and the GuRu’s from Fairfield. and ridiculing David Chung too. The same Todd VerSteeg that got caught by your opponent at a media interveiw with a hidden micro-phone and recorder, secretely taping the conversation. How irronic, when you made the unusual special request for his approval to sit in on the meeting. Then when I read your response to Iowa city press media that you were an independant and looked into the green party,libaterian party,Democratic party and Republican party, before choosing to run as a republican. However you felt that each party had alot to offer though, and you have donated political contributions to all the parties. So I looked into committed active involement to even our Wapello Co. Republican Party. Reality is Marianetta where have you ever been involved in any type of Wapello County Republican Party activities or committee work whatsoever, not in attending recent meetings for your campaigning work for Congress. but something for party itself. In seeking support and votes from committed republicans you ought to be ashamed, as well as Trudy our county chair to fraudulently make you out to be our republican hero. I have been a Republican less that 6 month and can proudly say, I have done more for our party and do it for the love of the party, unlike the one sliding in on Trudy’s shirt tail,conspirng such meek propaganda to deceptively solicit votes. During a Teahen meet and greet on 5-21-08 at Ottumwa’s country kitchen. The meeting that a teen boy and a lady stating she was from Seattle Washington in attendence because of extreme interest in politics. (alledgely your sister) attended. With old Seattle asking Peter continuous questions, writing as fast as he could answer. Virtually preventing others in attendance a chance to even talk. Finally one lady confronted her with respect to her inelligibilty to vote in this district that she should allow the others to participate. Peter asked everyone to introduce themself. The teenager identified himself as a Meeks,and Ms Seattle would only give her name as MaryAnne.(allegely being Marieannetta Meeks sister) as many in attendance were suspecting, another example of continuing campaign harassment. Candidate Meeks as well as Trudy, you both amaze this committed Republicans by attacking and condemming Peter Teahen for the things Meeks then come out in admission of the same type of conduct like it’s permissable for you. While on WHO Radio show the other night why was Meeks avoiding to answer Steve’s questions? old Washington couldn’t get Peter’s impressive answers to you soon enough at least for that one, but you’ll at least be able to use them for the balance of the campaign, was’t it a bummer to get stumpped up so frequently? Well surely those campaign days are over now thanks to old Seattle’s notes & Peter Teahen. There’s an old saying ” You know, those obsesively powerful and the stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the FACTS. They alter the FACTS to fit their views,which can be uncomfortable, if they happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.”
    the Republican Patriot

  3. Was there a coherant point there, Mr. Harder?

    I think being diagnosed with ADD would be required to read this post.

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