Last Time Dave Loebsack Voted Against His Party

In 2006, Dave Loebsack ran on the message of change, hope and being an independent voice in Washington.

Unfortunately, Mr. Loebsack never actually lived up to those lofty expectations he set himself out for. This coming election is no different. According to the Congressional voting record Mr. Loebsack votes with his party 97% or so. That is to be expected since he is just a liberal Political Action Committee tool.

His last vote that he casted against his party was on April 9, 2008. It was for HR 2016, to establish a national conservation system. Loebsack has now casted 172 straight Democratic votes since April 9, 2008 as of May 22. That is true independence and true hope to the people of the second district. Mr. Loebsack is just a PAC Man. He does what he is told and votes party line.

So far for the 2008 camapaign, Loebsack has recieved $330,958 from PAC. That is 61% of the total money he has raised. Most of the PAC money comes from Leadership/Single-Issue PAC’s that represent liberal partisan ideaolgues.

Here are those Leadership/Single-Issue PAC’s that keep Mr. Loebsack’s campaign afloat.

Aloha PAC $500
AmeriPAC: The Fund for a Greater America $10,000
Cmte for a Livable Future $1,000
Hope Fund $9,000
Jobs, Opportunities & Education PAC $2,000
Majority PAC $2,500
Mill to the Hill PAC $1,000
National Leadership PAC $5,000
NODAK PAC $1,000
Our Common Values PAC $7,000
PAC to the Future $2,500
People’s House PAC $1,000
Progressive Patriots Fund $1,000
Silver State 21st Century PAC $1,000
Solidarity PAC $4,500
Synergy PAC $1,500

Mr. Loebsack’s top PAC contributer, AmericPAC: The Fund for a Greater America.

When are you going to change Mr. Loebsack?


2 responses to “Last Time Dave Loebsack Voted Against His Party

  1. 97% with the Dems… you say that like it’s a BAD thing šŸ™‚

  2. theuncommonblog

    I would say that is a bad thing in large part since I have a conservative edge.

    But there is a greater point missed. Dave Loebsack ran on the idea of being a Jim Leach Democrat. Jim Leach voted against his party on a lot of ocasions. Jim Leach did this all without ever taking PAC money and he hated partisan confrontation.

    Jim Leach was a not a Republican tool, plain and simple. I genuinely thought that Dave Loebsack would have been an independent Democrat in the House, but he really did not turn out to be.

    You probable disagree, but hey….agree to disagree. That is the beauty in it.

    I do realize you were commenting out of good ideological differences, but I felt that I had to comment to clarify my point to others.

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