Miller-Meeks Clarifies Her Views

This message was sent to Miller-Meeks for Congress Subscribers

I just wanted to take a moment from the very busy schedule we’ve been keeping this weekend to touch base with you, the outstanding supporters of our
campaign. This last 72 hours of the primary campaign are very exciting and I look forward to going to as many places as possible in the 2nd District
and meeting as many voters as I can to urge them to join us in our message of Healing Iowans, Healing Congress and to get them to vote on Tuesday,
June 3rd at the polls.

Unfortunately, one of my opponents is now sending mail attacking me and distorting my pro-life position.

Once again, my opponents are having a very difficult time telling the truth. Not only have they distorted my position on this issue, one of them
actually accused me of having performed an abortion. I am an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor! Yet, even when the facts are in plain sight, that has not
stopped my opponents from attempting to smear my professional reputation with these baseless charges.

On the farm, they call this slinging manure–but it isnt sticking to me. Why would Christian individuals even stoop this low? I believe that Iowa
voters are smart enough to see through these shenanigans and recognize desperate candidates when they see and hear them.

I am Pro-Life. In fact, when asked about abortion at the Iowa Federation of College Republicans debate on March 29, I was the third to speak and the
only candidate to suggest that Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

While I may be a newcomer to politics, I have listened intently to my patients as they have divulged their frustrations with politicians in general
and Congress in particular. They want representatives to lead and provide answers to the concern they have, not create greater problems because they
refused to act in the first place.

Because my opponents have never led on the issues we face or provided solutions to our problems, they wish to malign me on life issues. But, with Gods
grace, and my familys advice, I will not follow them into the gutter.

We all know that to beat Loebsack in the fall in a district that is registered 39% Democrat, we must provide solutions. Solutions to health care that
is accessible, portable and affordable. Is a funeral director or former pastor more qualified to give direction on this issue? Do we want yet again
another government controlled
entitlement system our children cannot afford? I have spoken extensively on the opportunities our district has to become an industry of energy
enhancing our economy with job growth that cannot be outsourced, protecting our environment and promoting national security.

With a husband who was deployed after 9/11 and retired last year after 30 years in the service of our country and myself a veteran of 24 years, I am
the single candidate with the authority to address concerns about the GI Bill and veterans benefits. I have without hesitation recommended that the
Bush tax cuts be made permanent especially in reference to small business, and that we offer individuals the option of a flat tax to start us on the
path of tax reform. Further, I have been the only one to address social insecurity and have offered simple solutions to increase the programs revenues
without additional taxes.

Most importantly, I want to thank the tremendous grassroots support I have, and all of you that have taken the time to listen to candidates and
research this race. Thank you to all who have called voters and knocked doors with me and for me and who have contributed to my campaign. I will
continue to be diligent, steadfast, sincere and authentic. Together, we can build a bridge that heals division and distrust.

We need leaders in Congress, not more sheep or wolves in sheeps clothing. With all of your hard work and the momentum we gained, we will go on past
the primary and into the general election to send Dave Loebsack back to school.

Warmest regards,
Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks


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