The Uncommon Blog’s Vice-Presidential Picks

Some time ago I made my picks for the Democratic and Republican vice-president.

I have decided to revise the list and narrow it down to four people for each side of the aisle.


The Democrats need a some what insider, but experienced person in the numero dos spot. Here are people that fit the pick.

1. Bill Richardson:

Governor Richardson of New Mexico may have had an impact in the 2008 presidential race early on and look for him to do the same later on in September and October. Mr. Richardson has a storied career of being apart of the Clinton cabinet, US Representative, ambassador and a Governor. Knowing a vast array of issues and being more of a conservative Democrat he would compliment Mr. Obama’s liberal stances very well in the Obama-Richardson ticket. Mr. Richardson would help out Obama’s problem with Latinos and swing many independents to the ticket worried about Mr. Obama’s stance on many issues. Mr. Richardson would continue the tradition of Vice Presidents and large pant sizes.

2. Jim Webb:

A newbie to the US Senate and has very little experience in national politics, but has a storied military career along with a journalism career in the Navy. A former Secretary of the Navy and journalist embedded with the US military in Afghanistan. Mr. Webb brings along the same vibrant and young political feel that Barack Obama has. He provides Mr. Obama with deeper military knowledge and would be a true asset to the Obama administration. The only problem this Virginian Senator has is the unlikeliness that he will leave the Senate chambers after only two years in it.



3. Tom Vilsack:

Former Gov. of Iowa and former presidential canidate Tom Vilsack has been seeking the VP slot since late November of 2006. His presidential run was short and lacked money, but that does not mean he will not be part of another one this year. A Clinton supporter, but now an Obama supporter, Mr. Vilsack wants to be president. He has the local, Midwest experience being a former mayor and state legislature. He would compliment Mr. Obama in many ways, but Mr. Vilsack does not have any great accomplishments. This would only be an unlikely choice if Obama feels he can win Iowa and other moderate Midwest states without having Vilsack on the ticket.

Wild Card: Chuck Hagel:

A man that would compliment Mr. Obama’s weakness in the experienced arena. An opponent of the war and a Republican. Wouldn’t that just throw the GOP in a daze if their own maverick Nebraskan Senator decided to get on the change bandwagon? A man that is going to be out of a job in 2009 and is not liking his own party. He has experience being on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This pick would not come from Howard Screaming Dean himself and is the most unlikely of the four. Mr. Hagel may be able to muster this opportunity considering his opposition to the war and his lack of support from the Republican party at this time. He still is conservative in many ways and I am not sure how much he would support Mr. Obama’s strong liberal stances on a number of issues.



The Republicans need a strong and conservative Governor. They need someone from outside the beltway.

1. Tim Pawlenty:

Mr. Pawlenty is a conservative Republican out of the state of Minnesota. He is a second term Governor that won by close margins in a blue leaning state. He has been highly regarded as a vibrant and young Republican. A former member of the Minnesota state legislature and a fiscal conservative he would bring some economic sense to Mr. McCain. This would relieve some of McCain economic weaknesses. This would be a quality choice in McCain wants to win the upper Midwest.

2. Eric Cantor:

A very unknown Virginia Representative nationally. He is known very well within the Republican threshold. He is labeled as an up and coming star, but his starship may come in September. The only Jewish Republican in the US House and he is a likable guy. Mr. Cantor is out of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District (Richmond) and he sits on the House, Ways and Means Committee. He is also known for his Chief Deputy Whip position in the House and is a driving force for House Republicans. He would make a very good compliment to McCain with his vast knowledge on domestic and economic issues.


3. Charlie Crist:

Known very well in Florida, Gov. Crist is a popular governor and would make McCain extremely competitive in Florida. If McCain is not going to choose someone extremely conservative from the party than Mr. Crist is more than likely the guy that will end up in the VP slot. Crist is a moderate Republican that knows a variety of issues and is a popular politician. Mr. Crist has the most political experience nationally out of the top three, but that does not really give him much edge. This is only due to the fact that he has hung around McCain more than the others through out the last year and a half.



Wild Card: Condoleezza Rice:

This is the least likely to happen, but many Republicans are excited about his possibility. Condoleezza Rice is the most likable character out of the Bush Administration and would sit well with many women and African Americans. She brings a vast amount of experience, knowledge and strength. The only thing I can see with this that she is part of the Bush Administration and the Democrats would have a field day with commercials if the McCain campaign were to make this pick a reality. For a campaign trying to be as far away from the Bush Administration this is an unlikely choice.


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