Vilsack is Looking for a Job

Former Gov. Tom Vilsack today said that he thinks Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House is over and she should acknowledge it. Tom has some other things in mind when he says this. Mr. Vilsack is just preping up to become part of the Obama ticket or a future cabinet member.

What is the most likely Cabinet position Tom Vilsack could fill?

Department of Defense: The most unlikely of them all. Mr. Vilsack would have very little experience in actually understanding foreign policy.

Department of Justice: Tom used the line-item veto while in the Governorship and it was later ruled unconstitutional by the Iowa Supreme Court so he really has some experience in law. Although, he was a former lawyer.

Department of Education: Being from the state of Iowa he understands quality education, but Tom did very little to actually improve education in Iowa in the primary and secondary levels so that would probable not boast well for him in actually getting the position.

Department of Energy: Being from Iowa and creating the Grow Iowa Values Fund he would have experiance in creating a comprehensive clean energy initiative.

I am sure Mr. Vilsack would seek the opportunities of Washington in the next four to six years. Whether it is in the White House or in the Senate chambers.


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