Update on Iowa Senate Race 18

Swati Dandekar (D)


Joe Childers (R)

he Senate District 18 he Senate District 18

he Senate District 18

he Senate District 18

he Senate District 18

This upcoming general election will be about change and many voter throughout the United States have expressed this through voting, polling and general discussion. The Senate District 18 is one of the most competitive races in the state of Iowa. If the Republicans want to get some seats back in the Iowa Senate this is one of them they must win. Senate District 18 is currently held by long time State Senator, Mary Lundby of Marion. She has decided to step down from state politics and focus on county politics in the coming years and that is why she is running for Linn County Supervisor in District 4 against Don Gray, Democrat.

Senate District 18 covers a range of rural and suburban demographic. I would say that Swati Dandekar has the upper edge in the suburban demographic since much of it is what she currently represents in House District 36 which is Marion. Both candidates are from the suburban Marion area, but Swati Dandekar is well known in the area, because of her connections with the school district, Linn-Mar Community Schools. Swati Dandekar is well respected and liked by Republicans and Democrats alike. District 36, the district she currently represents, is heavily Republican and a Democrat winning in that district is unheard of unless someone is very well known which she is. I feel that the Swati Dandekar will win this area hands down not only for her connections with the school district, but also for the fact that Joe Childers has his children homeschooled. His ability to make connection with public school families may hurt him. This is not an attack, but rather a conclusive connection that can be made. The fact of the matter is when you have someone like Dandekar who is well known by many, many families in the public school it is hard for someone else outside the district to compete for those families.

It goes without saying that both of this candidates are fine Americans and wonderful people who have served their communities with honor and integrity. Mr. Childers is a businessman and a hard working one that is. His family and especially himself are highly regarded in their community for their volunteering. It also should go without saying that Swati Dandekar is a person of true honesty that has served the Linn-Mar community so graciously throughout the years and her sons performed so well within the wonderful Iowa public schooling system by going off to Stanford.



Mrs. Dandekar: There is not much information to indicate that Swati Dandekar would support any form of tax increase in the next legislation year. Although, she has sponsored and supported bills that involved minor or little to no little tax increases.

Mr. Childers: His website indicates that he believes in the state of Iowa need property tax relief along with a greater control on spending.

he Senate District 18

Right to Work:

Mrs. Dandekar: Unknown

Mr. Childers: Supports Iowa Right to Work Law.

he Senate District 18


Mrs. Dandekar: She sits on the Education Committee in the Iowa House and has sponsored a number of bills regrading school tax credits for college and other such things. She has also worked tirelessly on making sure Iowa got adequate funding for the No Child Left Behind program supported by much of the Iowa delegation at the time of the passage in 2001. She was also a major supporter of a bill that requires public and nonpublic school children to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning before school.

Joe Childers: He says he support raising educational standards for kids in secondary schools. I am not sure if he supports this state wide or on a more local basis; something his website does not indicate. He wants to provide the ability for all students to go to college. He does not indicate on whether he wants state sponsored college education or the creation of incentives for high school students.

he Senate District 18

Health Care:

Mrs. Dandekar: She has been a tireless advocate for health care for children along with making sure seniors we able to obtain Medicare reimbursements. Something of little importance, but still important is her sponsorship of a bill that would review the idea of having an all Iowa Public Employee Health Care program. This would be a wide range of employment and a large task.

Mr. Childers: He believes that the best way to reduce the cost of health care and provide for healthier lives is prevention. From his website, “We need to invest more in our parks and trails to keep working families in Iowa and keep our kids healthy.”

he Senate District 18

Mr. Childers and Mrs. Dandekar provide an interesting stage of dialog for the 2008 election in Iowa Senate District 18. Both candidates I can say are not your typical Republican or Democrat so this is going to be an interesting race. Just 148 days until we find out the winner.


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