We Will Get Two Very Different People

Michelle Obama

Cindy McCain

No doubt the regime change in the White House come next January will bring vast amounts of change. One of those major changes will be the change in the First Lady. For the past seven years many Americans will argue that we have had a fine, calm, competent and very, very likable First Lady. I would agree also. Laura Bush is one that reminds of a calming equalizer and many will agree with President Bush when we says that she is the better half of the marriage. With Laura Bush folding writing books outside the White House come next year, two very different figures will seek the realms.

Mrs. Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic canidate Barack Obama, will bring a more Hillary Clinton approach to the White House. Although, she has said on occasion that she would take very little part to no part in the policy discussion of the Obama Administration, it is just a little hard to believe her. A Harvard Law School graduate and an outspoken figure on the campaign trail just does not add up to her feeding the kids and making minor appearances in the Beltway. I see Michelle Obama taking part in social justice along with education policy. Do not get me wrong though. This may be a good thing. Mrs. Obama is a bright women with many strengths, but she probable will stay out of the politics of many things. Do not assume she will follow Hillary Clinton in every aspect.

Mrs. Cindy McCain, wife of Republican candidate John McCain, is a more reserved figure on the campaign trail. She is seen quite often with Mr. McCain, but she does very little speaking other than the introduction of her husband on occasion. Mrs. McCain is the chair of Hensley and Company, a distributor for Anheuser-Busch. She is a fine women, but has said on occasion that she will take a much more calm approach to being First Lady and focus on service work and education. Cindy McCain can be best matched with Laura Bush and other less polarizing/outspoken First Ladies. I do not see Cindy McCain traveling to Bosnia and getting caught up in sniper fire anytime soon.

Mrs. Presidentress will be having a new person acting in that position very soon and that can impact a lot of views the American people have on the President and his administration.


2 responses to “We Will Get Two Very Different People

  1. I’d like to start out with the fact that I am whole-heartedly voting for John McCain in November. Like most Republicans that vote in primaries, I believe John McCain is the best Republican nominee (despite what the liberal news says, the large majority of republicans did, in fact, vote for McCain).

    What exactly was the point of this post?…I was having a little trouble finding it.

    You provided many conclusions, and very few facts…or even logical progression for your conclusions.

    >Although, she has said on occasion that she would take very little part to no part in the policy discussion of the Obama Administration, it is just a little hard to believe her. A Harvard Law School graduate and an outspoken figure on the campaign trail just does not add up to her feeding the kids and making minor appearances in the Beltway.

    Really? What evidence do you have? I love a good debate, but I hate one without facts…otherwise it is just name calling. Your insinuation is because she is educated, she will influence her husband’s governmental policy. That doesn’t hold water. Does your wife (assuming she is intelligent) tell you how to write for blogs? I imagine no. You make your own decisions. Succesful marriages are founded by like-minded individuals.

    Cindy McCain will make an excellent first-lady, as will Mrs. Obama. Neither will act as puppet-masters.

  2. theuncommonblog

    If I was married that would be one thing and if I could get married that would be another thing (since I am under 18), but that is beside the point.

    I feel I am not name calling anyone. I was just merely pointing out the difference in the type of First Lady we will have in the coming year. I am not sure where I was “name calling” Mrs. Obama. I never said she would influence Mr. Obama’s government policies. I should have made this more clear, Mrs. Obama is a very determined and smart women. Being an active person in the law profession along with being a very independent person and active person on the campaign trail, I was merely concluding that she would resemble more of a Mrs. Clinton First Lady. She would be active in some way or another, because of her expertise in the professional world, but also in the campaign trail. She is not only an asset for the Obama campaign in winning in November, but also an asset for the country if Obama were to win. A smart and independent women would serve the American people well. As Mrs. Clinton headed up the health care initiatives for the Clinton White House in the 1990’s I feel Mrs. Obama will head up something if Barack Obama were to win the general election. If you read Mrs. Obama’s thesis on racial divide you can easily conclude the intelligence of the women. Working with the University of Chicago Hospital and serving on other boards Mrs. Obama definitely holds her own arena. According to GWU website Mrs. Obama even has her own Chief of Staff on the campaign trail along with a communications director (http://www.gwu.edu/%7Eaction/2008/obama/obamaorggen.html). It was also noted in the media that she has some advisor’s advising on certain policy of Mr. Obama’s. A New York Times article discusses her pivotal role in the Obama Campaign. (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/14/us/politics/14michelle.html). Obviously, this is not the only one. I suppose I was just concluding that a smart and intelligent women that is so vital in a campaign will be apart of some major policy initiatives if Barack Obama wins in November.

    To summarize, I suppose since Mrs. Obama is a major figure in the Obama campaign now and is part of the reason for its success I concluded she will be more of a Clinton First Lady versus a Bush or Reagan. Michelle Obama is a go getter kind of lady who wants to do good and see good and I just do not see her by the evidence sitting on the sidelines while Mr. Obama is in the Oval Office. I do not expect her to become his top adviser or sit in Cabinet meetings, but I to expect her to be a vocal critic on policy.

    Mrs. Obama has said on the campaign trail that she is too smart to go into politics and she wants to do her own thing while in the White House. I feel by the education she has along with her past and present role in the Obama campaign she will do her own thing and that may very likely be working with congress on some bill on behalf of the Obama Administration or something along the lines.

    Wonderful discussion. I love debating and relaying ideas. I give you credit for pointing out that my conclusion and ideas were not conclusive enough. Thank you.

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