A Plan For Action

Wisconsin Representative, Paul Ryan of the 1st Congressional District, is putting forth a true economic plan for America that looks to the future, not the next election. It happens too many times in Washington where Congress votes to benefit the next election not the next 40-50 years. This saddens me. Although, we have hope, because Rep. Paul Ryan is putting forth a bold and new plan and he needs your help. Your help in getting the word about this. This plan is not flashy; it is so anti-flashy that even the Wall Street Journal will not published it. Rep. Ryan’s plan addresses the true problems of our budget and economic downfall. He recognizes that entitlement programs are the real area of concern. We need to address budget shortfalls to maintain a healthy economy in the future. Please read the following articles in relation to this and pass them on to your dear friends and colleagues. Take the time to look at this. This may be the difference of a bright future for your grandchildren versus a not so bright future.


The Entitlement Mess by John Stossel

How to Tackle the Entitlement Crisis by Paul Ryan (WSJ)

The Status Quo is Not Enough by Paul Ryan (Wisconsin State Journal)

Details of His Plan:

“A Roadmap for Americas Future” – Remarks fro Congressman Paul Ryan

Road Map to America’s Future Summary by Paul Ryan

American Road Map

Please call Paul Ryan and thank him for his integrity and true convictions in this unpopular time. Contact his Washington office at 202.225.3031.


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