The Two Sides No One Talks About

In America, we have Democrat and Republican. Red and Blue. Coke and Pepsi. And yes, Apple and Microsoft. If we did not have two sides to something we would go crazy. Well, actually, no one would go crazy – except for Howard Dean; beyahhhhhhhhh!

Anyways back to the point. We have two sides, if not more sides to things. This year election year is no different. We have a Democrat named Barack Obama and a Republican named John McCain. Both in their own right have been characterized as mavericks or outsiders. John McCain is more of the comeback kid as Barack Obama is the Brock Star. (That’s pretty funny [audience must now sense sarcasm].)

I am going to now take the rest of the post and criticize Barack Obama, but it is more than a criticizing that will take place. I am going to take the opportunity that no one that I know have has pointed out about his campaign, but numerously stated. As if this is not a new idea, Barack Obama’ campaign is a historic one that has broken barriers financially, physically and whatever else you want to put here. Barack Obama’s campaign is a bottom up campaign as many would call it. The campaign success is dependent on the success of the phone bankers in Oregon and on the literature drops (canvassing for you campaign tenured) in Maine. His campaign is created to be a decentralized force of good. The top is supposed to do very little except the necessary things to win. This is all multiplied by millions due to the internet.

Now I have a question. If this is how a successful, hopeful, and winning campaign is ran, why then should a country be run no different? Barack Obama’s government policies are to centralize the Federal Government even more (which is pretty crazy since that worked out for Bush) along with creating more power and more decisions for the powers in DC. This is completely opposite to Barack Obama’s campaign policies of decentralizing the force of the campaign.

Below are some of examples on his website that discuss how the power of America can and will be in the hands of the people (in the campaign). Sounds sort of ironic when someone wants to nationalize health care, create 5 million government “green” jobs, form government watch dog groups to oversee the private market (after that happens another set of government watch dog groups will have be created to watch the first set of watch dog groups – since he does not say these groups will be independent from the Federal government or at least the Executive Branch), form hefty trade reform groups within the government to ruin the fairness of free trade, invest the government’s money to create new 21st century manufacturing jobs even if those jobs are at the cost of the American consumer, have the government form automatic pension plans at the tax payers expense, have the Federal government pay for our education and everything else in between, and much, much more.

I find the irony of these two sides, Barack Obama’s campaign for President and his plan for the American (Federal) government, so very different in their philosophical approaches that I cannot understand why no one is talking about this. About this idea that Barack Obama is running his campaign like a Federalist, pro-limited government person on steroids when you factor in that he wants to make the Federal government more powerful, more controlling, take away any the liberty that the previous presidents have already taken away and centralize power beyond anything we have not seen in decades, if not centuries.

This is the irony of the two sides no one is talking about.

So I leave you with this, is Barack’s campaign a hoax or it his government policies – something has be wrong? I hope it is the policies. Go Federalism.

Point of information: When the rant of Barack Obama’s Federal government policies was going on they can be seen directly from his Blueprint For Change on his website. I did not make them up. I took them right out of the “Blueprint.” Take a look at it, you might scare yourself – I suppose he forgot to read the constitution when he wrote that. Call me bitter.


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