I Spy With My Little Eye the Color GREEN. What Color Do You See?

So John McCain is somewhat desperate and is finding a way to up one on Mr. Obama. I think the McCain’s team played this well. Coming out today with a their energy independence plan called the Lexington Project. Obviously that renders the Manhattan Project and sending a man to the moon campaign. I am impressed with McCain coming out with this. I thought that he lacked freshness and the ability to see the light of day on the gas tax holiday.  In the Obama’s team comment on John Mccain’s $300 million plan to give away for a better car battery they said that it was not enough money and glad to see John McCain coming up with ideas. What arrogance? First of all, governments money should not be thrown around as if its money on a tree (as much as Mr. Obama thinks it is). Secondly, John McCain is actually not hurting the free market in this idea. So many times, liberal politicians feel that the way to solve problems is to regulate and tax. NO. WRONG. The way out of things is to encourage growth that eventually renders prosperity.

I would love for Mr. Obama to justify his support for a windfall tax on gas companies. Barac Obama acts like its a good thing. For who? Also, while surfing Obama’s website on clean energy I found that he has the Sierra Club associated with his plan (its a t-shirts). Isn’t the Sierra Club a PAC? So is Obama pandering to special interests?

Mr. Obama talks a lot about lobbyists shaping politicians, why does he not talk about unions shaping politicians? In my opinion that just as bad, especially when he talks about reforming our free trade agreements with Europe and other countries throughout the world.


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