Mr. Liberal…NO, I mean Mr. Conservative…I mean Mr. Moderate…NO…I mean Mr. Centrist: Barack Obama

Barack Obama is in full General Election mode. Centrizing (Is that a word? No, Mr. Blogger ‘centrizing’ is not a word, but use it anyway) his positions on a number things. Or as his campaign would say, “letting the public know where Barack stands on the issues.”

Anyways, Barack said that he he supported STATES rights to use the death pentaly for “henious crime.” Wow, is Obama using one out of the Federalist playbook?

Mr. Obama also said today that he does now support the authorization of the Fairness Doctrine. A position that many conservatives have taken since Ronald Reagan sent the doctrine down the Potomac and out into the Atlantic Ocean in the 1980’s. Authorization of the doctrine would mean less of Mr. Hannity, Mr. Limbaugh, and other conservative pundits.

Lastly, Mr. Obama said on Sunday that fatherhood does not mean being there at conception, but being there for child and all that other wonderful stuff. That’s odd, Mr. Obama is pro-choice. He probable than believes that life does not begin at conception. So how does fatherhood begin at conception? I guess I had to go to Harvard to understand.

I really did not plan on criticizing Barack Obama twice today and praising John McCain. Tomorrow is a new day. I shall find something great about Ralph Nader. Wait, no I won’t.


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