Have I Heard That Before? I Think You Have.

Reporting today the Shenanigans Blog at Politico.com continues the Veep speculation by writing about a certain Mr. Eric Cantor of Virginia. Rep. Cantor is well known within the Republican ranks and is a rising star in Republican politics, but no one really knows him. That is a problem, because you will need to know him. He could very well me our next Vice President.Since you heard the speculation first I will gloat. The Uncommon Blog of Iowa is once again ahead of the curve.

Here is the first place you heard about Eric Cantor being a possible Vice Presidential pick.

This comes from the Uncommon Blog of Iowa’s published post on 2 June 2008.

2. Eric Cantor:

A very nationally unknown Virginian Congressman. He is known very well within the Republican threshold. He is labeled as an up and coming star, but his starship may come in September. The only Jewish Republican in the US House and he is a likable guy. Mr. Cantor is out of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District (Richmond) and he sits on the House, Ways and Means Committee. He is also known for his Chief Deputy Whip position in the House and is a driving force for House Republicans. He would make a very good compliment to McCain with his vast knowledge on domestic and economic issues.

All I can say is you heard it here first.


One response to “Have I Heard That Before? I Think You Have.

  1. Cantor would be a great pick–smart, young-scandal free, jewish, and good looking. He was on CNN last week and I thought he did a great job. This guy is the real deal.

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