Somebody Finally Got Around….

(Wake up Dave you are going to be receiving
a one-way ticket to Iowa pretty soon.)

If you check out Dave Loebsack’s website as of late Sunday night, his congressional campaign got around to posting his issues he has for the coming election. Do not bother reading them, they are the typical Democratic talking points. President Bush wants to keep our troops in harms way, affordable health care for all by raising taxes and subsidizing without actually solving the FUNDAMENTAL problem of the system, and we need to become energy independent by denying off shore drilling even though most experts say that that gasoline will make up at least 50% of our energy source for another 20-25 years.

One thing that did raise my eyebrows on his website. This slogan:

Dave Loebsack’s highest priority is providing the people of the Second District with the best representation and constituent service possible. (Source:

Constituent service? Highest priority? You mean to say constituents are, not PAC’s?. That must be why individual donations for your campaign make up 38% of your campaign account while another 60% come from POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES.  Really? Really Dave? Is that why you hide your votes for 2008 for over 100 days (Correction: 132 DAYS) (remember the Uncommon Blog of Iowa post about this? To refresh your mind. Part 1 Part 2) on your own website. Maybe if you and the Democrats keep saying that you disagree with John McCain’s 100 years comment I will just say that you guys have done really nothing in congress to make fundamental change. Why do you want to hide your votes for another 100 years?

What makes me sick is that this man is a man who beat out Jim Leach who was not inspired by PAC’s. Dave Loebsack’s $450,000 campaign account is 60% plus full of PAC money.

If you believe in Our Voice for Change than VOTE MILLER-MEEKS so we can send this puppet back to school.

POINT OF INFORMATION: These comments are not generated, motivate or inspired by anyone, BUT MYSELF. No one told me to point on Dave Loebsack’s flaws. These comments come directly from the young mind of a Iowan political junkie who just happens to surf the internet.


One response to “Somebody Finally Got Around….

  1. Folks,

    Truer words have not been spoken. We need representation of the people, by the people for the people. That does not mean of the PACs, by the PACs, for the PACs. It is loud voices like this blog that will make my mom’s candidacy a success come November. Please keep shouting for reform and pushing for a woman who will work for the real residents of the 2nd district. Visit our website, make a donation, sign-up to go door-to-door; it’s time the people take back this seat!

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