Unions Miss Big Lug

(Source: Des Moines Register – http://cmsimg.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=D2&Date=20080707&Category=NEWS09&ArtNo=807070317&Ref=AR&Profile=1056&MaxW=550&MaxH=650&title=0)

In a Des Moines Register article today it discussed how the labor unions of Iowa miss their typical control over liberal Democratic state politicians when it comes to Gov. Chester Culver. I feel that is a good thing. Gov. Culver might be playing politics and staying away from the pandering crowd of labor unions, but I see no problem.

Okay, I see a problem. The problem is that he will still be friends to them, becuase they give him money, but he wants to be far enough away so that he can seem like a centrist, two-term or more governor. Lets face it, Gov. Culver likes being Governor. Espeically after all the news coverage of how well Iowa handled the floods and aftermath. Gov. Culver wants to be America’s governor some day, no question about it. I feel he has a long way to go, but best of luck to the Big Lug in the Governor’s chair.

Point of information: Next election, vote against Gov. Culver. We might get some tax relief.


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