My apologies for not writing…

For those of you who actually read this, I apologize for not writing. I have been too busy campaigning that I cannot take the time nor write with a somewhat objective view while working on a campaign. I will start to write again  come November 5.


My Electoral Map

Colorado: Obama by 2.5 points

Florida: McCain by .1 points

Iowa: Obama by 6 points

Missouri: McCain by 3 points

North Carolina: McCain wins by 4 points

Ohio: McCain by 5 points

Pennsylvania: Obama by 6 points

Virginia: McCain by .0001 points


First Congressional Race:

Braley wins 64 – 36 of Harstsuch

Second Congressional Race:

Miller-Meeks wins 52 – 48 over Loebsack

Third Congressional Race:

Bosswell wins 52 – 48 over Schmett

Fourth Congressional Race:

Latham wins 54 – 46 over Greenwall

Fifth Congressional Race:

King wins 55 – 45 over Hubler

Iowa Senate Race:

Harkin wins 57 – 42 over Reed, Rathje gets 1 point


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