Tired of Sick and Spin

This time four years ago…, this time eight years ago…, this time 28 years ago… Republicans were done by many points in many polls in many states. We were down. The media was saying were not suppose to win. The Democratic party nominee was looking better and better as the closing hours were coming. What happened. Well, the American people voted and let their voices be heard far and wide. I am not sure if this will happen again, but who I am I to know, because that is what they say before it happens.

Oh, by the way, Barack Obama’s facts on his issues right here: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D944H6EO0&show_article=1. All laid out for you. Facts. Not rhetoric or savvy words, just the facts of what his proposals will do the budget, your pocket, this economy, the world’s economy, your job, our communities, the tax system, the people in this country, the ideas that innovate technology to the solve the problems. Yes, these is the facts. The facts that contradict Mr. Obama’s words that have enlightened thousands and thousands of unidentified donors to the Obama campaign.

Well, see you Wednesday.


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