So where will all the Obama supporters go?

It has been reported that over 250 000 people have sent in applications to be apart of the Obama administration. Now that Obama is our next President, what do all the Obama supporters do?  Maybe work for the government. Nah, that may actually require work, but than again we are talking about the government – land of bogus opportunity.

Obama supporters.They have no office to phone bank. They have no register-to-vote propaganda sheets and they have no need to bring about idealistic change and hope. So what do these formally enthusiastic Obama supporters do – besides stomping on DC in mid-January. Well, they do nothing. They will go back to there lives of insanity and continue to harp on the fact that the last eight years of George W. Bush were so terrible.They will forget the days of phone banking for Obama a realize that they have to pay a mortgage, save for retirement, work a job, and live a life. Obama volunteering will be just a good feeling from the past – something they will never want to do again, because in reality why would even want to phone bank?

It is no secret that Democrats won this election, fair and square. But the voter turnout of the century never actually happened. It was higher than most years, but than again it was nothing too impressive that would signal a huge change in dynamic of this country. If Republicans would have came out in droves as they did in 2004, John McCain would have made this race a nail bitter. With this all said and done, what will the Obama supporters really do in the future? Most of them will have either finished college – have a job, family, and real responsibilities – or they will be too wrapped up to bring about six, four or two more years of change. Whatever Obama does from now on, he will never have the massive support that he has this past year. 2010 already looks good for Republicans in attempting to come back from insanity and the years following can only seem better in the party decides to become conservative again. The fact of the matter is that Obama will never, ever have the support that he once had in 2008. He will never be able to bring change again, because he is no longer change. Sure, there will be new enthusiastic Obama supporters, but nothing like the ones of 2008. Obama may even have it easier in 2012, but that does not mean he will have the massive volunteer support that he once had.

In final conclusion, in this illiterate post, Obama may bring have brought about change, but only the change that enthusiastic Democrats wanted. That is a fact. Democrats won this election, because they brought more and more people out. Now, I am not saying Republicans won’t have problems in the future,  but what I want to say is that Democrats better watch out, because once Republicans fine the light and become enthusiastic we will see hope and change again, but this time it is results and leadership.

So where will all the Obama supporters go? They will finally realize that leadership and results matter more than idealistic hope. Change the world? Nah…how about Results That Will Happen.


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