Why Republicans cannot win either way if we continue to talk about VALUES

Values are defined about something that involves a personal response along with a societal acceptance and desire. So why do Republicans seem to have the hold on the word values for the last 30 some odd years. It is because we said we had the correct values and people believed us. Unfortunately, the American people got smart and realized that Democrats had the same exact values as we did. Here’s the problem. When we talk about values we are not actually talking about values we are talking about what we view as a ethically moral. This brings me to my next point. No matter what the issue of “life” and same-sex marriage will never be resolved until society ultimately accepts either side. We are a nation divided, not perfectly divided, but divided on the positions of abortion and legalizing same-sex marriages. The Republican position has been one based upon their understanding the traditional values, but here is the problem. We isolate so many people that are fiscally conservative and want to limit government. We have an opportunity to tell the American people that each and every bailout that is coming from our Federal government is a bunch of bull. The American people know that our economy is in dire problems, but we also need to know that we are a capitalistic society and these things occur. We need to let them fix themselves with relative damages to many people. If we continue to fight about an issue that for the next 100 years will never be resolved no matter the solution in the next 100 years we will continue to look divisive and unwilling to present common sense compromises in government. I see it already. We are beginning to emphasize and realize the much of our government is actually to large and the power that it withholds is too much.

I plan to support our President-Elect once he is in office, because he is my President, but what I don’t plan on doing is allowing anyone to screw up our government once again as our fiscially-irresponsible, poor-planning Presiden George W. Bush. I will give him some credit we are still safe from Terrorists.


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