The New Fresh Breath: The Thoughts of a Conservative, Young, Idealist

It has been quite some time. We changed a president. A year. A couple of months. And heck, we have changed a generation.

My thoughts are on the Presidency of Mr. Obama are of only gratitude. He may have crazy followers,  but then again Republicans bow down to the name of Reagan every time they get a chance. (sorry that was low blow.)

What can Americans to solve the problems we have facing us today? Well, we can only embrace what we have and that means an idealistic, democratic, President who believes in a different philosophy than most conservatives, but what is strikingly great about Mr. Obama is that he is willing to listen. And for that I can give him credit. I hope he does more good for this country compared the mess that last one left us.

Well, I can only say that I am back on the blogging world and I am going on strong. Therefore, tomorrow new posts coming up about Iowa House/Senate file bills you haven’t heard of from a young, conservative, Iowan. This shall be interesting.
“I go to school the youth to learn the future.” – Robert Frost


3 responses to “The New Fresh Breath: The Thoughts of a Conservative, Young, Idealist

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you. I voted for the other guy, but it gave me some “hope” to see he kept on Robert Gates and has appointed Republicans into his administration.

    At this point, his administration appears more open than any other I’ve seen.

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  3. Hi, just checking to see what’s up with the site and to prod you into writing more.

    I am a liberal (horrors 🙂 ), but I enjoy reading calm, thinking people regardless of stripe. Unlike many others screaming their orthodox dogma, you don’t spend your words to grind an axe and I think there’s probably more on your mind to provoke thought.

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