I consider myself a moderate conservative. I believe that the least amount of government intervention is the best. I do not consider myself a libertarian on the basis that I believe that government in the 21st Century has a place and a role in society along with taxes. We just have not find the right amount. Although, I will truthfully say that the amount does need to be reduced.

Economics: We need to reduce regulations and encourage prosperity and freedom. I am in favor of a 0% tax on capital gains.
Fiscal responsibility must be made before we have another tax cut on anything.

Social Programs: I have nothing against Social Security. It is good for some people. I will say that people should have the option to opt out of the program and keep their money. Many of our entitlement programs are unnecessary. I just question why we always have to fix them if they are so great. I would be in support of getting rid of 70-80% of our entitlement programs.

Military: We should always have a volunteer military. We do need to add another 150,000 more troops. We need to end the no-bid contracts. Cut waste out of the military budget.

Education: We should get rid of the Department of Education. Allow state education programs to take full responsibility . They will be able to do the best. I am in support of states sponsored school choice. School Choice is not for every state or city, but it should be allowed. Teachers need to be given raises based upon merit and those who teach in schools considered to be “unteachable” should be paid more. The waste of school bureaucracy does need to be first addressed. I would encourage all state high school curriculum to adopt a more hands-on work environment to give students a greater knowledge of how the work force works.

United States around the World: We are a dominant power, but we need to reduce our arrogance. The US needs to reduce the amount of policing of the world. It is good for us to have strong ties throughout the world, but we have overstepped our boundaries too many times. The State Department needs to be reinvented. It needs to promote “America first” not what “America wants.”


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